2015 MBO VLF Sized Buckle Folding Machine

2015 VLF Sized Buckle Folding Machine MBO T 1120-4-4-2-FP

Product Description

Suitable for folding up to 2 x 16 pages
Equipped with:
Navigator control
1st folding group 4 buckles 1120cms, anti-noise hoods
2nd folding group 4 buckles 960cms, anti-noise hoods
3rd folding group 2 buckles 560cms,with RFE sheet return device, anti-noise hoods
retractible slitter shafts 1st folding group
double stream device in 2nd and 3rd group
Technical details:
Maximum papersize: 1120 mm x 1450 mm
Minimum papersize: 300 x 250 mm