2014 MBO K8 RS 6 S-KTL combination folder

Product Description

Manufacturer: MBO
Year : 2014
Condition:  Like New
Description :

The K8 RS is the world’s fastest folder, capable of speeds up to 275 m/min!  With the RS equipment package, the K8 RS is capable of speeds 20% faster than other MBO K8 Series machines.  The combination of the Navigator Control System and MBO Automation allows operators to simply input the job specifications via a touchscreen display and watch as the machine calibrates itself for the job at hand.   This particular machine features:

RS Equipment Package with 20% speed increase over standard MBO K8 machines

MBO Navigator Control System for easy touchscreen access and control

MBO Automation for automated fold plate, fold roller, and folding knife configuration

S-KTL Knife Fold Configuration for 16-pg and 32-pg signature work

  • avigator Touchscreen Control for easy-to-use display and input
  • Automated fold plates and fold rollers set themselves after receiving job specifications
  • VIVAS infeed system with dual belt vacu-track feeder and a vacu-belt alignment system for maximum control at the infeed
  • 6-plate Parallel Unit with vacu-belt alignment system and Virotec Fold Rollers
  • Slitter Shaft Cassette for quick access to slitter shaft
  • S-KTL Configuration (up-up-up 16-page signature)

Crossfold Knife with sheet ejection device and automated calibration

Fold Plate after the Crossfold Knife for 32-page signatures

Threefold Knife

  • FP 800/120 Palletized Feeder with Ultrasonic Double Sheet Control
  • SBAP72 Vertical Stacking Delivery with Navigator Control