2011 Zechini X case plus AND VIP FORMING machine – as new!

2011 Zechini X case plus  AND VIP FORMING machine – as new!

Product Description

X-Case Plus is a semi-automatic version of the X-Case. It has the following additional features:

  • Book block feeding station;
  • Automatic opening of the book block at the middle and placing on the blade;
  • Accurate alignment of the book spine with respect to the cover;
  • Gentle pressing after casing-in by means of rollers;
  • Finished books are delivered on a shelf for easy manual unloading.

X Forming is a book pressing and joint forming machine. The machine consist of:

  • Book infeed
  • Pressing and joint forming stations (Joints are formed with heated blades) delivery
  • Hydro-dynamic book pressing system
  • Pneumatic joint forming system
  • Temperature control
  • Timer for pressing