2011 Bobst Masterfold 110A-3

2011 Bobst Masterfold 110A-3

Product Description

Bobst Masterfold 110A-3
Bobst Masterfold
Year: 2011

4 Corner Device with Lid, Device for 6-Corner Boxes, CUBE System,
HHS 8 Channel 6 Gun System,
Main Gauge for Longitudinal and Lateral Setting, Electric Pile Vibrator,
Blank Suction Device, Lower Central Conveyor, Upper Central Conveyor Outlet,
Tool Stand Frame, Suction Guides, Central Conveyors,
Left and Right-Hand Pressing Units, Upper Pressure Belt,
Infeed Conveyor Left and Right with Squaring Device, Finger Ejector (Flipper),
Additional CUBE Screen in a Feeder

Condition: Very Good

PRICE: £476,000 + VAT 
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